Flowers are losing their diverse fragrances, thanks to increasing temperatures associated with global climate change. The optimal temperature to experience a floral scent varies according to the species.  While most flower scents are best perceived in a warm and damp climate, some flowers quit producing their volatile substances when the ambient temperature rises significantly from its usual state.

In the olfactive flower installation Petunia, a variety of different flowers are installed to a still life- like ephemeral sculpture. The surrounding ambient temperature is slowly increased from 17 ° C degrees to a temperature of 30 ° C degrees, in which Petunia stops producing its volatile compounds.

The installation can be seen as an obvious comment on climate change, but it also obtains a poetic message of diversity and nowness in its fugitive character of emitting interleaved scents. Petunia was done as a result of Lipkin’s thesis work at Aalto University, but in the end, it was not included in the final research.