Bouquet Sublime: Color, Chaos, And Awe

subΒ·lime | sΙ™-ˈblΔ«m
β€œ Striking the mind with a sense of grandeur or power, physical or moral; calculated to awaken awe, veneration, exalted or heroic feeling, and the like; lofty; grand; noble: noting a natural object or scenery, an action or conduct, a discourse, a work of man's hands, a spectacle, etc.: as, sublime scenery; sublime heroism ”

The exhibition Bouquet Sublime: Color, Chaos, And Awe was Lipkin’s personal exploration of the term Sublime as a flexible container for the experiences of awe, terror, boundlessness, chaos, and self. While the concept of the Sublime originates in antiquity, the term provided a useful concept to describe the indescribable of today. The Sublime has always been used as a vehicle to make sense of (or communicate a failure to grasp) world events. In the exhibition it was linked to concerns for 21st century forces: mass production, the complexity of imagery consumption, growing polarizations, but most importantly our relation to nature – and therefore our relation to the self.

"I have used motives from famous Sublime artists and intuitively abstracted them to shapes, movements, and colors. By doing this I have given form to a personal landscape and a platform for the viewers inner projections.
I am encouraging the viewer to experience the sublime in a real-life sensorial moment as here the sublime is not only explored as two-dimensional pictures, but also in tangible sculptures and olfactory landscapes. To be granted access to the Sublime you must give something from yourself: your time, your intuition, and your presence. For me, the Sublime is not something that happens over there, it is something that is manifested once you ARE over there."   
-  Lipkin -
08.08.2020, TuoTuo Culture Space

The exhibition Bouquet Sublime: Color, Chaos, And Awe was held at TuoTuo (Space for culture and innovation), in July 2020.