Jennifer Lipkin is an artist, contemporary designer and interior architect working at the intersection of sculpture, space and art. Whether she is creating a piece of art, an object or a space, she leaves room both for physical explorations as for in-depth research. Her productions combine intuition with sensorial aesthetics, and playful clumsiness with polished appearances. As a painter, she creates art with joy and sensitivity -  a poetic presence characterized by rhythmic lines and contrasting colour.

Works of Lipkin have been commissioned by a variety of partners including renounced Finnish companies such as Iittala and Lumene.

Lipkin has studied architecture at Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris La Villette (2017) and holds a degree from Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture as Master of Arts (2019).

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“My body of work spans a broad range of techniques, but with the commonality of an emphasis on the things that intuitively touch us. I’m interested to boldly intersect the principle of crossmodality with traditional painting techniques and link powerful visuals with attention to our other senses.

My background in architecture can be noted through juxtapositions, spatial references, and the sense of colour in my work. In addition to using colour as a traditional two-dimensional aesthetic medium, I explore it in its more sensorial, emotional, and intuitive qualities. By focusing on the experience of colour, the created art, space or object usually finishes with subconscious and unprompted traits – a result which brings a high level of joy to its audience”